Monday, September 30, 2013

my very first giveaway!!

hey all! in honor of friday being my 100th post and my love for the blogging community, i am hosting my very first giveaway!! and who doesn't love a giveaway??? :)

one lucky winner will be getting one of my fav stella & dot pieces -- a fun pouf in the amazing frida print! poufs are great for holding all your lipsticks, snacks for the kiddos, a great way to organize things in your car, etc! i promise these poufs have endless possibilities!!

ok, here's how you can enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 27, 2013


hey hey! it's friday already again?? today, we have already gone for an almost 3 mile walk and i must say... whoever said that exercising gives you more energy was a liar. anyone else feel like a lazy bum after exercising?? whatever. my best friend is getting married in literally A WEEK and i couldn't be more excited!!! so, my biggest high 5 for this week is that we are going to florida and seeing all of our favs! next week will be full of high 5's! but, since it's still this week... here's my high 5's for this past week! :)

5) praise to whom all blessing flow, my friends! holden has been sleeping in til around 9:30 consistently lately. and it. is. glorious! well... if you don't count that one random day that he got up at 6 something! eeek. that was awful. but, i'm loving the late mornings!!!

4) some of you may not understand how beautiful this sight is, but when you live in a fairly good sized town that pretends to be a small town... us ladies long for things of the big city! like a sephora!!! it's just going to be one of the smaller sephoras inside of jc penney's instead of an independent store, but i'll take it! and would be overjoyed if we got an ulta, too... yes, please!

3) if you know me at all, you know that i surely do not have a green thumb. not in the slightest! so, the fact that i have been a slacker as of late watering my plants and my hydrangea plants look better than ever is a miracle!!!

2) h and i have had lots of quality time this week since grant has been pretty swamped w getting projects finished up before our trip. yesterday, we ventured out to get him a nice new do for florida! his fav part: suckers. 

1) oh, and i got my hair did, too! ptl! just got my roots touched up since i don't want to regret having roots that i see in wedding pictures for the rest of my life. necessary for sure.

did you have a good week?? link up w lauren & jeannett to tell us about it! :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

life around here.

too often, i find myself wanting to freeze my hours. you know... make time stand still so i can accomplish just a few more things. and if i'm being honest, most of my dreams to stop time take place during nap time (go figure). there are just too many toys to pick up, too many emails to return, too many dishes to wash, too many loads of laundry staring at me... and sometimes just too many things on the dvr to catch up on.

i've tried to be intentional about truly participating in life w holden (and grant, too). engaging in conversations, sitting on the floor when he (holden) asks me to, not being too busy to take a walk when it's beautiful out, etc. but, let's be honest... some of the toys, emails, dishes & laundry wiggle their way into a top priority spot. today, i'm having one of those days where i sit and think 'holy cow, how did my almost two year old become an almost two year old???'. i know every mom has had moments of panic like this, so i know i'm not alone... but it definitely makes me long for my baby to still be a baby.

as we move into fall, i have lofty plans of seeing all of my pinterest crafts come to fruition and for my house to smell like fresh pumpkiny goodness at all times. and in all honesty, even if i had all the time in the world, this still wouldn't be the case. i would still need more time. but, i can say, having children makes you painfully aware of how quickly time really does go. and it makes me want to spend any extra hours i find myself with pouring them into my boy.

so, on this beautiful fall day... the reality is that as soon as h gets up from his nap, we will be off on a handful of errands. but, i plan to make these errands memorable and time that i cherish rather than just "getting through it". and maybe we will have a little starbucks date or something while we're at it. memories don't have to be some fancy vacation or buying expensive toys... memories are the day-to-day quality time.

holden saying 'mama sit' in the middle of the sidewalk just because.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

so what! wednesday!

hey all! after yesterday's kind of downer post, i figured i'd lighten things up today w a fav SWW post! i am linking up w shannon today to bring you my "so whats"! join in on the fun & link up, too! :)

-so what if i bought holden a cadillac potty chair that is cars movie themed and the 'flusher' sounds like an engine starting... even though i have no intention of potty training til he's at least 2 1/2!

-so what if i have been splurging on flavored k-cups lately. i have recently stopped using flavored creamers and needed a little bit of variety in my life!

-so what if i sometimes sing along to barney & dora. yes, i know every word and never thought i'd be "that mom". oh, the strange things motherhood does to you!!!

-so what if the only dinner i've cooked in the last week was pulled pork in the crock pot. we still have some leftovers and they're still delicious! whatever!

-so what if i have completely neglected all of my plants for the last couple weeks. i have 100% moved into fall mode and they are probably super dehydrated... especially since it's supposed to be 79 here today. oops!

-so what if my car currently looks like i live in it. i have a million bags full of stuff to return and haven't had the time/motivation (mainly motivation...) to hit all those stores! especially w a toddler!

-so what if we leave for florida in less than a week and i haven't started packing yet! and i was hoping to not have to wash shorts/tank tops again before i pack, but our bi-polar weather decided it's still summer, so that's just not gonna be the case!

-so what if i pulled out the real camera yesterday while holden and i were playing outside... and he was wearing a tshirt, sweat pants, his hair wasn't done & he had cracker crumbs all over his mouth! just another reason photoshop is my friend...

-so what if i get just a little angry every time loft emails me about a sale or promotion because we don't have a loft here... and it is just slightly depressing.

hope my "so what's" make your "so what's" seem not so bad!! ha!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the hard process.

i have felt seemingly out of touch w my emotions the last couple months. not that i had no emotion per se, but i know that i've not let my emotions just go and be. i don't think anyone should always let their emotions do their thing, but i do think there's a time and a place. and my time and place happened to be today... unexpectedly.

i have a very dear friend (who i've mentioned on here before) that experienced the worst thing i think any mom... or woman, really... could really experience. losing a child. i don't care who you are, losing a child hurts. and it's a hurt that truly never goes away, i believe. today, that sweet princess is celebrating another heavenly birthday and i find myself on the verge of tears just thinking about her, that experience, and all of the 'what if's' that i know flood erica's mind on a regular basis. i know god is sovereign and a good god, but i still can't help but ask why.

as holden is quickly approaching two, there's been a lot of people asking/prodding/joking about how baby #2 should be on it's way and how we really need to get on that. and it's sort of the truth... i don't want holden to be 5 or anything, but i also can't quite silence all of my fears long enough to start the process.

what if it takes a long time to get pregnant?
what if i miscarry?
what if... what if... what if...

i think i have such a perfect little picture in my mind of how i think things should go... that the thought of them going different is painful. i do think everything happens for a reason and that even sweet babes that never breathe here on earth had a purpose... but that doesn't make the possibility of an experience like that any easier to accept.

today, i'm working hard to mentally calm myself down and asking for the lord that has predetermined each step will give me his sweet peace.

if you have a few minutes, you should really check out this sermon video. this pastor is a great speaker, in my opinion, but more importantly, one of my dearest friends shared and i promise you will be moved...

Friday, September 20, 2013


it's nap time which means i actually have time to write my high 5 for friday post! and what a big high 5 today deserves! holden has been more than a handful this week and pairing that with the fact that my hubs has been working nonstop, it's been a doozy of a week! (note that having a hubby that's incredibly busy is a BLESSING, but it's an exhausting blessing!) so, without further ado, here's my top 5's of the week!

5) h & i strolled the mall a couple times this week and of course we couldn't make it out without riding his fav cars at least once. he was so good, though, that a reward was definitely in order!

4) grant & i attended lafayette's chamber of commerce dinner on wednesday night. david boudia (aka USA olympic gold medalist in diving) was the keynote speaker. he's an inspiration and one of the most humble guys you will ever meet! the food was sub par, but the company made up for it!

3) tis the season for 'leaves' candles, my friends! leaves is my all-time fav scent. i have it in my car, in my plug-ins, in candles. it's the best! head to bath and body works today to get your hands nose on this goodness!

2) i finally bit the bullet and signed up for birchbox! i wasn't sure if i'd be a fan cause i absolutely hate having a million travel size products. they clutter my bathroom, i always forget to use them and then i find them 2 years later and they are gross. sad, but true. so, i got my first box and i'd say that i'll give it another month, but so far, i'm not sold. i got the nastiest green nail polish and some lip balm that has nipple in the title... gross. i am excited, however, about trying the eyeko mascara!

1) and last, but certainly not least... all my friends are having babies!!! there's definitely a boom going on around these parts and another two of my friends welcomed their little ones yesterday! alexandra & judah, i can't wait to love on you & watch you grow! here's alex just hours after she arrived & of course she's dolled up w a bow! alex is the littlest lady of my friend, erica. please go check out her blog & read her story--i promise you'll be touched by how faithful the lord is!

hope you all have had a great week & have more exciting weekend plans than me!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

so what! wednesday

it's wednesday... and midweek tends to give me a 'so what' kind of attitude anyways, so here's a few of my latest 'so what's'! link up if you want to join in on the fun!

-so what if my house is slightly trashed... my nails are finally painted!

-so what if 'big brother' is the show i get most excited about right now...

-so what if i have days where i'm seriously jealous of every single person i know that is pregnant.

-so what if i'm excited for fall, but not ready to give up my flip flops. guess it's my 'i lived in florida for 7 years' blood in me.

-so what if i threw away my whole crock pot because the lid handle broke off... that thing was UGLY and i've hated it for the last 6 yrs!

-so what if holden is turning two in a short 2 months and i haven't planned a single thing!

link up w shannon at 'life after i dew' if you want to experience the liberating SWW! ha

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my go-to jams.

i know everyone is probably thinking that i really like jam... y'know strawberry, grape, peach, etc. sorry to burst your bubble, my friend, not that kind of jam. jams are what i call the music that makes me want to dance at any given moment or is too good to not have a karaoke session w while in the car. you know what i'm talking about, right? surely i'm not the only one that sometimes busts out in full-on concert mode mid-car ride.

anyways, here's some of my fav jams you should check out!

katy perry-roar

john legend-you & i

jimmy needham-holy, holy, holy

keith urban & miranda lambert-we were us

are you loving any particular songs these days?? i know some of these aren't hot off the press or anything, but they're still goodies, trust me!

Monday, September 16, 2013

i'm probably weird, but...

there are lots of things that i'm sure most people don't spend time thinking about, but i do... and that probably make me just slightly weird...

first off, i love watching indian people dance. as in do their bollywood thing. like in the miss america competition last night. love!

also, can we petition to disney that 'choo choo soul' should be it's own show, not just a 2 minute little thing in between shows?? holden perks up every time it comes on and always wants more when it's over! me too, son, me too...

i'm really wanting to go on a cruise lately. and not really for the reasons most people go on cruises... the good food, tropical islands, the entertainment, etc. nope... i want to go on a cruise so that i can not have to worry about cooking a single meal or picking up after anyone (including myself) for a whole week!

i'm hoping holden has a major growth spurt here soon. he will be 2 in nov and wears 18mos clothes (and most shorts even have to be folded over). all of his winter clothes are 24 mos/2t and that is going to be problematic. i mean... i like to shop, don't get me wrong, but i usually shop a season ahead to get good deals. oh well...

ps i love you is currently on our dvr waiting to be watched. this movie always makes me cry and knowing this, i am waiting for the perfect mood to watch it...

i secretly love when i look at my calendar for the following day and it's clear as can be! i love most of the commitments that fill my day, but nothing is better in my book than a day w no agenda.

anybody else have weird-isms like this?? i'm embracing them for sure... and i'll leave you w this gem!

Friday, September 13, 2013


hey all! happy friday!! i feel like sometimes as a mom, it's a major accomplishment to make it to friday (even though friday's don't mean staying up late and sleeping in anymore!). and... especially for a wife of a self-employed man, friday's don't really mean that daddy's off for the weekend! oh well... friday still feels like a victory! here's my top 5 moments of the week in no particular order! linking up with lauren & jeanett!

5. i've recently gotten back into pinterest. for awhile, i felt like i kept seeing all the same pins and it was annoying that i barely got on. plus, i definitely went through a phase where pinterest made me feel like i needed a new wardrobe, a bigger/nicer house, cooking lessons and new hair. anybody with me?? i've thankfully realized that was all untrue and am back on the pinterest train! saw this pin the other night and seriously laughed out loud for a long while. dearest holden, this better be the case or you're gonna be grounded for life. --follow me on pinterest--

4. praise to all that is good & holy. i live for this kind of weather, folks!!! last night, i walked outside with my in-laws and it was cooler and breezy and i 100% said "and THIS is why we moved to indiana!!!". florida life was not for this midwestern girl!

3. my parents were here visiting this past weekend. love when they come to town!! it still feels like a dream to me that they are actually picking up and moving to indiana from my hometown in minnesota, but my heart is bursting w joy! we spent lots of time while they were here looking at spec homes of different builders trying to perfect a layout and all that jazz.

2. grant's cousins moved to lafayette about 8 months ago from south carolina and it's been so fun spending time w abby! she's a mama to 3 boys and deserved a girl's night out for her bday! we went to one of my latest fav restaurants downtown, red7. they brought out a delish cake w a huge sparkler in it!
happy birthday, sweet friend!

1. oh, this sweet boy. he's so good to me. love being his mama and the sweet moments we share. i wish every mama that wanted to stay home w their littles had the opportunity. slow & quite mornings are the name of our game. jammies til noon, coffee & puzzles, long walks. i dreamed of being a mom for so long and always prayed i'd get to stay home. grateful for a husband that makes that possible!

hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

so what wednesday.

i'm a newbie to the 'so what wednesday', but it sounds like fun & i'm giving it a shot!

-so what if we are on attempt #3 for a nap today & instead of doing something productive, i am sitting on the couch watching giuliana & bill and drinking coffee (yes, in 96 degree weather...). 

-on that same note, so what if lunch has been sitting on the counter waiting to be cleaned up for 2 hours. 

-so what if it's mid-sept and my allergies are ruining my life... i'll be in sunny florida in less than a month!!!

-so what if i haven't painted my toe nails in literally like a month. that's a major record for me and my feet need some serious tlc. 

-so what if my wallet is overflowing w coupons i intend to use, but somehow always forget to use.

this is kinda fun... not gonna lie!! you should try it, too! link up w shannon!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

h54f baby!

don't mind the fact that i had this whole post written and forgot to publish it... this week has been a little strange not gonna lie!! I've been sick off & on for part of the week, there were plenty of fun things we did, but i forgot to take pics every time & now my parents are here visiting!! here's my highlights from the week!

5. i've been a faithful bucks girl for quite some time, but the whole card reward system confused the heck out of me until a couple months ago when a friend broke it down for me! and it truly is simple!! i'm soooo close to free drinks & goodies, i can almost taste it!!!

4. in other exciting news... i'm jumping on the bandwagon and am signing up for birchbox! i love finding new products that i wouldn't have normally picked up or tried and this is a great & cheap way to do that!! plus, who doesn't love getting packages?!?

3. my hub took me to outback a couple nights ago! to say that he is obsessed w outback would be a severe understatement, but i really like it too! win-win! green beans, broccoli & a medium grilled steak... get in my belly!!!!

2. i bought holden a used bubble lawnmower on our local fb group (kind of like a garage sale online... and then you meet up in a parking lot somewhere & feel like a drug dealer...). ha! i haven't put the bubbles in it yet, but he's bound to love this thing even more!! and for only $2!!!

1. last, but not least, we celebrated mg lil niecey's 3rd bday on sunday!! she doesn't technically turn 3 til this weekend, but we as fam in town and it just made sense! love that hyper, opinionated, smart & curious little girl!!!

hope you all have had a great week!! i linked up w lauren in case you're looking to link up too!! :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

jumpin on the emerald train!

in case you couldn't care less about fashion OR live under a rock... pantone named emerald the color of the year! so, expect to see a lot of emerald in stores soon! not gonna lie... at first, i wasn't super excited about this color. just seems a little blah compared to recent years (coral, hot pink, turquoise). but, the more i see it, the more i love it!!!

here's some inspiration for your hump day!

don't you just die for details? scallops are my fav too!! j crew, you've done it again!!!

can't you picture this fab target bag with some black skinny jeans and a bright white flowy tshirt?!

i am a sucker for reversible things. it's like paying half price for the item cause you really get TWO ways to wear it! these great reversible earrings are from stella & dot, of course!

gap flats. the two tone is amaze! love love love!

hope you're feeling inspired!! are you on board with the emerald trend??

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

things i'm lovin!

it's been a little bit since i posted about my latest favorites!

coral lipstick. i know summer is on its way out, but i'm still lovin the summer on my lips!! my go-to shade has been revlon's lustrous lipstick in coral berry!

another thing on my love list is international delight's cinnabon coffee creamer. major deliciousness!!

lastly, i have a lot of guilty pleasures... and most of those guilty pleasures come in the form of reality tv. please don't judge!! haha! anyways, in my opinion, giuliana & bill is not like a typical reality show. there isn't much drama and it's pretty funny! you should really check it out!! (it's on style network. random, i know!)

do y'all have any favorites lately?? fall is coming, but it's not quite here! keep wearing that coral lipstick, friends!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

labor day love.

today (and everyday) i'm thankful for the men & women who have gone before me and fought to make this country what it is. sure, it's certainly far from perfect, but we've come an incredibly long way! i hope you all are celebrating w your friends & family by the pool or having a BBQ! take time to pause & find something to be grateful for!

in honor of labor day, here's some festive inspiration!!

unfortunately, i have the lame flu, so my festivities will be limited to bottled water, my bed & the kardashians... here's to hoping i get on the mend soon!
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