Monday, October 28, 2013


since i seem to have forgotten i have this lil ol blog, i thought it'd be fun to just jot down where i've been & what's been keeping me just sliiiiightly busier than normal!

-i visited my dear friend, ashley, in nashville last weekend! she took me to all her fav restaurants/local coffee shops, tr swankiest nail salon & her amazing church (worship leaders are all sons & daughters--enough said)! i fell in love w nash & can't wait to go back!!

-yesterday, we attempted our annual fam pics. i say attempted because it's always just short of a disaster. and also remindse why we only put ourselves through thy once a year! since my dear husband is a photographer, he insists on just putting the camera on a tripod and having a family member try to get holden's attention. we always manage to get a usable pic, but it's never as good as if grant or i are the ones making him laugh. oh well! 4 cookies worth of bribery later, we called it quits!

-recently, i've found myself hooked to the show, parenthood. lots of people have told me how good it is/ how much i'd love it over the years, and i just now am taking the time to get into it! love all the story lines and how so many of the situations are real life relatable. check it out if ya haven't!!

-every fall, i find myself itching for a new pair of boots. i can usually talk myself out of splurging, but these bad boys had be at hello. they should be delivered today and i can't wait!!

-christmas music is officially on my radar and i have no shame. in fact, I'm encouraging others to join in on the fun! christmas music does wonders to my mood! 

i'll attempt to have some fun posts later this week!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

fall-y things i'm lovin!

there are lots of things that i love/ obsess over/ can't stop thinking about and sometimes... it's just necessary to share! am i right or am i right? :)

here's the latest things i'm diggin:

cinnamon brooms. while we lived in florida, i thought that publix was the only store to sell cinnamon brooms. so, you can imagine how disappointed i was when fall was upon us and i thought i'd have to spend my first fall in 5 years sans cinny broom. well, fear not... our local grocery store up here has them!! and my cinnamon-loving little nose couldn't be happier!

if you have a keurig and haven't tried the starbucks caramel k-cups, you cray. these babies are so delish and brighten any early morning with a toddler. in my humble opinion, at least! i am still going strong with just a little sugar and heavy cream (aka no flavored creamers), so flavored coffee adds a little excitement. (side note: i will say that the green mountain coffee pumpkin spice k-cups are AWFUL. it tasted like burnt pumpkin and made my taste buds pretty darn sad.)

i have been a tried & true yankee candle lover for a long time now. but... when it's fall and bath and body works releases their fall candles, it's 'leaves' and 'leaves' alone here in thompsonland. BUT... and that's a big but... i have recently fallen for another candle and it. is. heavenly! 'pumpkin apple' is the name of my game and it's giving leaves a run for its $$$! check it out of you are a leaves-fanatic like me!

also... not on my favorites list would be flying with a two year old. you heard it here first, folks! share your favs in the comments!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

and the winner is...

did you enter my stella & dot pouf giveaway?? hint: if you didn't... you're crazy! the odds were so good and these poufs are to die for!! anyways... the lucky, random winner has been chosen!!

congrats to my girl, elizabeth!!! you're a mama of two and totally deserve a pretty little pouf! i was so happy to see someone as deserving as you was selected!! :) congrats, girl!!

thanks to all who entered! i'll definitely be doing more giveaways in the future!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

last call!

sunday's are some of my favs for a lot of reasons, but today will be full of busyness!!! i'm having my first stella & dot sample sale tomorrow night (which i'm super excited about!), BUT... before that, my very first stella & dot giveaway is closing!

TODAY is the last day to enter the pouf giveaway and you'd be silly not to enter!!! for real... get on it! :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

so what! wednesday: florida edition

we are loving our lives on vacation right now and having a great time!! we head home tomorrow, so that's bittersweet, but there's no place like home! looking forward to getting back to indiana fall and maybe putting away tanks & shorts for a few months! here's my so what wednesday from the sunshine state! :)

- so what if we have been on vacay for 10 days, but we could still appreciate just a couple more before we head back to the real world of strict diets, schedules & cooking at home. 

- so what if we became "those parents" that bought our toddler a toy from disney even though he 100% wouldn't have cared if we didn't. when in rome...

- so what if i married a weirdo. last night, grant said to me 'this world needs a grant jr'... i replied with 'we have a grant jr, this world needs a misty jr' and he goes on to say 'no, we need another son and we will name him grant jr'. hahaha a) where did that come from? b) absolutely not. 

- so what if the friends we have stayed w the lat couple nights have the sweetest dog that holden loves and would love to have at our house... it ain't happenin anytime soon!

- so what if i always said i wouldn't buy a leather couch (just not my style, really)... i already know we will buy a leather couch next time around. word to the wise: don't buy microfiber if you have any intentions of having kids. who knew?

- so what if the jewels continuously fall out of my nose rings. it's annoying, to say the least. 

- so what if i had half a disney cookie and a bite of a disney pb cup for breakfast. oops. 

hope you guys have all had a great wednesday so far! link up w shannon to share your so whats!!

ps-- don't forget to enter for the stella & dot giveaway!! you're automatically entered just by following my blog! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

the biggest wedding of the year!!

my dear friend, becca, and her love, jarred, got hitched this past weekend!!! another eharmony marriage for the win! we are still in florida doing some post-wedding relaxing for a couple days, but since it's currently monsooning & the babe is napping, i guess i should give the ol blog some love!! we have had the BEST time seeing old friends, introducing our wild toddler to our friends' kiddos & marrying off our girl!

traveling with a kiddo can always be unpredictable no matter how much you pack, how early you get to the airport, etc! luckily, we have a pretty low key boy and haven't lost our minds yet! holden has done pretty good overall... he was manageable on the plane, but was a full time job for both grant & i!

thankfully, the flight wasn't full (super rare going to florida), so we had an extra seat for holden. although the extra seat was nice, that doesn't mean i'm gonna enjoy paying full price for holden after next month... 😔

h didn't sleep a wink on the flight into tampa, but konked out the second we hit the road for ft myers. ptl! we borrowed a pack n play while here and h has slept well for the most part... except for that one night he would NOT fall asleep for the life of him and ended up booting grant to the couch so he could sleep w me. sharing a bed w a toddler will never be enjoyable to me. he was on and off of me all night, feet/hands/butt in my face, sweating all over me, etc. however, my view the next morning made my heart happy... #cute

on wed night, a group of us took becca out for a fun bachelorette party! we ate at a cute new restaurant downtown, took her on a crazy scavenger hunt & then went to joslyn's for dessert, presents & marriage/sex info overload!!!

 the gang: julie, kristen, joslyn, becca, rachel, ashley, mel & i

the only pics i have from the rehearsal night! holden was a busy body (aka eating bubbles & running all over kingdom come), so pics weren't really on my mind! jarred was just a liiiiitle excited to get hitched!

smartypants bride had chalk at the rehearsal dinner. besides h being covered head to toe, it provided entertainment for sure!

first looks are my fav! not only does it give the groom a chance to really see how good his bride looks, it makes the schedule go so more smoothly! all pics were done long before the ceremony, so we all got to enjoy the cocktail hour and get out of the heat post-ceremony! we were all spying on the first look from the hotel room! doesn't she look famous w all her paparazzi? guess that's what happens when a photographer gets married...

my girls!!! hauling our butts down the street to sbux. totally necessary! we made quite the scene around town and everyone had a comment about us as a group.

the 4. through thick & thin... multiple weddings, two baby boys & med school. these are my bests.

little buddy rockin the coral like his mama. totally necessary! :)

had to throw in kerry's pic. should be a famous iphoneographer for sure!

remind me to never do crazy eyes like this again! shirley & kerry make any party a good time!

loved the ceremony & reception site. art center downtown ft myers! totally unique. they had these fab lights outside that lit up the whole building. amazeness. 

becca & jarred, i wish you nothing but good cheers! you guys are perfect for each other & compliment each other in all the right ways. being a part of your big day was a dream come true and i expect nothing, but lots of lil babies to spoil in the future!!!! xoxo

PS- if you haven't entered for the stella & dot pouf on last monday's post, you crazy!!! the odds are SO good! go do it now! :)

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