hey y'all! i'm misty thompson! i'm a mid-twenties wife, mama, daughter, sister, auntie & beloved daughter of the king!

i married my college sweetheart, grant, in april of 2007 after 15 months of dating bliss!

in nov of 2011, we welcomed holden crew thompson and our world was changed for the better!

6 weeks post-baby, we picked up and moved our family of 3 to lafayette, in! trust me... we get that most people would prefer fl over in, but we are not most people!!! :) when the lord has his sovereign hand on your life, moving from what is probably the #1 vacation destination in america doesn't seem near as crazy as it might sound!

fun facts:
-almost every day for us begins with the today show, cuddles & coffee.
-i'm a crafty wannabe. i can barely pick out curtains let alone try and make my own or anything!
-some would say i'm obsessed with dunkin donuts. they're probably right...
-i love jewelry & nail polish. not necessarily in that order.
-my husband is a full-time photographer and has taught me his trade. so, yes, i guess that makes me a professional photographer, too... but, let's be honest, everrrrryone is a photographer these days!
-it's very unusual that i don't crave something sweet after a meal. even just an m&m or something can do the trick.
-my fav nail polishes are: koala berry (opi), miami beet (opi), fiji (essie) & california coral (essie)!
-people ask me all the time where i came up with holden's name. in all honesty, i heard the name holden on a tv show that i had never watched before called 'pregnant in heels'. i haven't watched the show since either!

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