Monday, February 10, 2014

back to the frozen tundra!

weeee'rrrrree back from the lovely bahamas and were welcomed back to indiana with 9 inches of snow. nine. inches. it was sheer nonsense, but there really is no place like home and we're glad to be back in our own beds!

we cruised on a 4 night royal caribbean trip and, while i know i am 100% in the minority, i really, truly prefer carnival over RC. crazy, i know! the food, entertainment, everything is so much better on carnival!!! regardless though, it was incredible to get away sans toddler for a week (especially since a new babe will be gracing us in july)! ps... i'm not complaining that we had a vacay, we just all decided that next time we'll stick with carnival! :)

i made a point to take almost all my pics on my actual camera and not just my phone and those pics haven't been dumped to my computer yet, but here's a few from my phone! ptl for vacays!

my dear becca and i! 

in nassau, we rented scooters and toured the island, hit up the market, 
ate at the best local hole in the wall and ended the day at the beach!

the beauty on our scooter ride. so peaceful!

mel & joe flew down from mn to meet us for the trip and brought their sweet 
elias with them (he stayed w his auntie for the week). he's pure sugar!

so glad to have gotten away for a bit, but so happy to be back and getting into the groove of things again! vacay (with or without kiddos) is necessity for my soul!

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