Tuesday, February 11, 2014

thank god for tomorrow's.

some days, having a toddler seems like the dream age and we have a blast all day long... and then some days, you have a day like yesterday. where by 9am, you've had 3 meltdowns, 1 timeout and countless "jesus take the wheel"s muttered under my breath.

being a mama is the only job i ever truly dreamed about and even the hard days are worth it. but it doesn't make them any easier. mamas, am i right or am i right? 

i feel like my sweet holden has morphed into an independent, jekyll & hyde version of himself and it seems like the transformation happened overnight. i guess that's why they call them the "terrible twos", huh? 

so, on days and nights where my mama soul is just a little weary, i sulk into my couch, flip on some bachelor & have a bowl of freezer puppy chow. 

thank god for tomorrow's!

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to make babies, so i can learn from you and be 'in the mommy club" ;)


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